Hi there!

My name is Dmitry Shevkoplyas. I do programming for a living.

I’m in the network security field and I develop awesome DDoS tools 5 days/week, deploy botnet in the clouds and build back-end command and control server to orchestrate high quality distributed actions. It is all legal (“white hat” only).

I’m also busy dad, cherishing 3 lovely kids and polishing Java algo trading platform just as a hobby at home after kids go to bed.

I love linux and spend most of my time behind ssh, tmux and vim somewhere in the clouds :-)
Love C++, Java, ruby, a bit of R for data mining and machine learning.
More about me here: https://dimon.ca/about-me

Welcome to the trading aspect of my live!

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here.
Don’t forget to come back to check for new developments!-)


Dmitry Shevkoplyas